Welcome to Chicago cellphone Recycling

Eletronc waste is one of the fastest growingthreats to our environment. Chicago Cell Phone Recycling is dedicated to reducing the number of cellphones that enter the waste streme and our environment. Chicago cellphone Recycling was established with this goal at heart. Due to our FREE recycling offer we receive, cell phones and other small electronics form all over the United States. Our service is easly reachable with multipul drop off locations around Chicago to ensure access to people that do not have access to other recycling services.

What we accept or recycling and disposal:

cellphone Recycling notebook disposal cell phone wireless phone pda digital camera gps navigation smartphone palm pilot pager recycling donation free recycling and disposal

  • cellphones (recycled in any condition dead or working)
  • smart phones (recycled in any quantity and condition)
  • PDA, iPhones, Blackberries, Palm Pilot, etc (recycled in any quantity and condition)
  • Digital Camera, iPods, GPS Navigation, etc


Call us today to secdual a drop off or check our list of 24/7 Drop off locations